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About Bareilly


Bareilly is the gateway to the Kumaon hills, and is also mid-way on the National highway from Lucknow to New Delhi. The Panchala Museum in the University Campus and the Army Service Corps Museum in Bareilly Cantonment have an excellent collection of artifacts and manuscripts.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

  • Bareilly to Nainital - 140km

  • Bareilly to Almora - 205km

  • Bareilly to Jim Corbette - 100km

Religious Places

In Lala Champak Rai Bagia, opposite Alakhnath Temple and in front of Ganga Temple, is the historical Shiva temple. The Tulsi Math, which is 200 years old and located near the Alakhnath Temple, is where Tulsidas, the famous Ramcharitmanas writer and author of the Ramayana, made his home sometime around 1600.

Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Fazil-e-Barelvi is popular all over the world in Bareilly. 


Bareilly's weather is generally cool, with nighttime temperatures rarely falling below 10°C. Summers are hot (temperatures regularly exceed 41°C), with an average temperature of 29.4° C. Winters are bitterly cold, with lows of below 5 degrees Celsius. Monsoons are when it rains the most. Heavy mists are popular in the early winter months, from September to November.

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